Client Services
Search Process


ROI International is primarily an executive retained search firm specializing in officer and chief officer level positions. We utilize a four step interviewing process prior to presenting our short list of candidates for presentation to our clients.


  • The first candidate interview is conducted by our research staff and is geared to evaluate attitudes and motivations about their work environment. We want to make sure we understand if a candidate has the "right stuff" to succeed at a client company. We also want to understand the candidate needs so that we can motivate them to pursue the role if they are qualified. Our research staff then presents to the search manager the candidates who appear to have the right mix of credentials, motivation, and interest in the search position.
  • The second interview is conducted by the person managing the search to evaluate the match between key hiring factors and the candidate's capabilities. This is an in-depth exploration of specific accomplishments a qualified candidate needs to demonstrate. The strongest candidates are able to clearly articulate concrete goals, quantifiable results, and a mastery of the details underlying each success.
  • The third candidate interview is geared toward helping the candidate fully understand the organization and the position they are interviewing for. An honest and thorough discussion of the position and the company helps reduce mismatched expectations between the company and the candidate.
  • The fourth candidate interview is done by video conference and allows us to use a behaviorally-based interviewing style and capture the discussion on videotape. The tape is delivered with our recommendation of candidates as an alternative to the traditional telephone interview.
  • We measure our process success by the percentage of candidates we recommend that are actually hired, and the turnover of candidates placed by us over time. We can share our results and industry averages during a more formal presentation.