Client Services

Consulting Services
We have provided consulting services to a number of companies in our industry. 

Board Consulting: Marc Goyette has acted as both a board member and a board advisor to a number of client companies (Phoenix Network, Avirnex, Interactive Telesis, Sonexis, Magnetpoint, Setnet, Cyracom, and Rainier Network Solutions). In that capacity he has been able to call upon his broad startup experience in the telecommunications industry and his expertise in operations, marketing strategy, and organizational development.

Business Development: Led the evaluation of market opportunities and combined primary and secondary market research to develop a "go to market" strategy. Supported this with a business plan and proforma showing projected revenue, costs and margins for the first three years of sales.  These market opportunities were typically ones identified by existing management teams without the resources to dedicate existing experienced personnel to the task.  Work was completed for the biofuel, geothermal, public safety and construction target markets.

Project Management: Facilitated discussion of over fifty engineering employees and managers regarding interdepartmental communications and project management which led to a new team concept which resulted in significantly improved morale and productivity.

Training and Development: Participated as only outside member of a Fortune 500 internal steering committee addressing employee training and development.

Retention: Facilitated discussion of employee retention at an internal conference attended by over forty engineering directors.

Communications Workshop: Polled a group of over thirty-five engineering directors to collect data on communication problems and then reported the results as part of a general discussion of improving interdepartmental communications.

Key Factors of Operational Success: Prepared, presented, and lead discussion of a variety of key performance indicators of operational quality which were non-financial in nature. Applicable functions were: customer service, provisioning, billing, and information systems.