The 7 Tenets of ROI

1. Our value to you is based upon the quality and speed of our search fulfillment process.


2. We understand the positive impression a knowledgeable and professional search consultant can generate for a client. We treat our candidates with respect and recognize our responsibility to keep them fully informed.


3. Clients and successful candidates should be knowledgeable about each other's strengths and weaknesses to help insure a sound basis for a long-term relationship.


4. We look to establish long-term relationships with our clients based upon mutual respect, realistic expectations and shared objectives.


5. We consider employees of our retained search clients to be off-limits for any search for a period of two years after our last placement.


6. We utilize a unique four-stage selection process that focuses on behaviorally-based questions which measure more than just skills and knowledge.


7. In all matters relating to a search, our goal is to provide candidates who are exciting and who have real impact.